Zero Labs is offering the integration of classic cars to electric models with modified bases


Zero Labs is giving the owners of ICE cars an opportunity to transition to the new technology before the government disavows the operations of these vehicles on the roads. The transition to electric vehicles has also brought advanced technology exploration on a commercial scale. For example, drivers have to think of fast-charging, a reestablishing braking system, and kilowatt-hour. Additionally, the drivers have to operate with the technology of platforms. A platform is the equivalent of the chassis that the conventional cars house on the lower side of the vehicles. However, the platforms of electric vehicles consist of the chassis, the battery, electric motors, and other versatile components for the smooth motion of the car. Additionally, these electric vehicles’ components can be used for cars of different designs ranging from the Volkswagen models, Audi, Ford, Bentley, Porsche, and other electric vehicles developed by these companies.

The concept of sharing a platform across Evs has mostly been the purview of new vehicles, but Zero Labs wants to bring the concept to classic car conversions with a new initiative. This month, the California shop behind the stick-shift electric Bronco unveiled an EV platform designed specifically for converting classic cars into electric vehicles.

The idea of sharing the platforms for electric vehicles is from the developers of these cars who have the resources to develop everything from the beginning to the final picture of the car. Nevertheless, Zero Labs has come up with the idea of changing the internal combustion engine cars to electric cars by substituting the emissive platform with a new one developed by the electric vehicle industry. California witnessed the first car platform changing operation that made the car an electric vehicle. Zero Labs explained that they have been studying this concept before introducing it to the market. The company started by developing cars with similar changes like the Ford Bronco and Series III Land Rovers. Additionally, the company offers the car owner an opportunity to witness the conversion process so that they don’t complain about their cars’ mismanagement.

Zero Labs explained that the first deal that it will offer to its customers would be next year to enable them to utilize the available time to develop and research the other car models convertible into the desired form. The company’s challenge is the first design of ICE cars that they will utilize to mark the beginning of their operations. Nevertheless, the company revealed that it would be starting with the old models from the 1947 to 1975 revolutionary period.

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