Three Vital Executives are Introduced to the Leadership Team of Zero Electric Vehicles


An EV is a car that uses one or more electrical motors or propulsion traction motors. A powertrain can be electrically powered from off-vehicle supplies via a collector mechanism or is automatically fed with a battery, photovoltaic arrays, cells for fuel, or an electric motor to transform energy to power. EVs emerged in the mid 19th century, when electricity was one of the favored means of transport, giving the convenience and ease of service that petrol cars of that time were not able to achieve. Modern in-house burning engines for almost 100 years were the primary fuel of motor cars.

Zero Electric Vehicles INC. (ZEV) is the automobile, EV technology, and development business headquartered in Arizona that holds extensive intellectual property security of applied electricity and battery power supplies. The company plans to manufacture all-electric vehicles in the most effective, high-scale manufacturing. In the OEMs’ first production vehicle in Q1 2022, ZEV is currently designing the Trident, which introduces specific patented power generation techniques. ZEV wanted to be the first producer except for EV 2.0. ZEV takes down the challenges of adoption and encourages people to engage in future EV interactions.

On the other hand, On February 2, 2021, Zero Electric Vehicles, Inc. announced Jonas Nicholson, Dr. A. M. Kannan, and Nick Platt to the management staff. As the EVP of Tech & Cloud Innovation, Jonas Nicholson is the newest participant of an impressive management team. ZEV’s embedded applications and cloud platforms will be operated by Jonas and include networking projects, autonomous vehicles, and smart mobility. Jonas has more than 20 years of experience constructing and providing good goods and facilities ranging from telematics solutions to holographic satellite antennas to develop new and evolving technologies. Dr. Arunachala Nadar Mada Kannan has a Doctorate of Metal/Air Battery and Alkaline Fuel Cells from the Indian Institute of Science.

Dr. Kannan has 30 years’ experience as a Battery Consultant at the ZEV. He will be playing a significant role in building an excellent battery-package system for the range extension at ZEV. Lastly, with a career spanning two continents and thirty years, Nick Platt helps carry ZEV’s label positioning into the globe with magic at the relevant moment. Also, he has participated in several significant organizations over thirty years of advertisement and direct marketing experience. He has received numerous honors in the industry, including the New York Festival Grand Prix, ECHO Gold, and the London International Advertising Awards.

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