Renewable energy to create over 400,000 jobs in Morocco in 20 years


The field of renewable energy is one of the most promising industries. Other than the potential of this industry, there is the reliability and safety of this energy. And these facts explain why the world is working to make ways to create renewable energy. Morocco is working on projects to convert its sources of energy to renewable. In a recent report, experts claim that the country’s shift to renewable energy sources will generate at least 482,000 domestic jobs in the next twenty years.

These findings are advocating for more partnerships in the future between Morocco, Tunisia, and the EU. The collaboration aims to share and pursuing environmental goals. Besides, the jobs created will major in the labor industry, high-skilled experts to work on the plants and other energy facilities. Morocco is one of the countries which are facing rising concerns over the effects of climate change. With that, the kingdom prioritizes the matter and makes sure that the state escapes the environmental impacts. The kingdom can shelter the country from droughts, rising sea levels, and desertification.

Reliable sources claim that the country hopes to use a non-binding domestic policy to stick to the Paris Agreement guidelines. The kingdom hopes to invest in vulnerable industries with a budget of around $35 billion. Some of these industries include forestry, water, and agriculture. However, many questions have arisen on the same matter. Many questions have come up whether Morocco can deal with climate change’s negative impacts without introducing mitigation policy goals to reduce carbon emissions.

In President Obama’s reign, Harvard’s professor, John Holdren, the US government’s former energy advisor, spoke about the differences between mitigation efforts and adaptive efforts. For instance, Morocco has chosen the adaptive efforts’ path to shield the people from the impact of climatic changes. On the other hand, Mitigation efforts involve putting up an effort to prevent environmental harm before it happens. Some of the later efforts include reducing carbon emissions and setting for green energy such as wind, solar and hydro.

In his speech, John explained that the world has three options to save the environment, mitigation, adaptation, or suffering. However, mitigation is the top option since countries can work on preventing these climate change effects. In 2019, the EU founded the European Green Deal that works with international partners to improve environmental standards globally.

Many businesses in Morocco are working on moving to renewable energy sources. And EU identified Tunisia and Morocco as green partners. The countries have built strong relations with each other to deal with climate changes. Founder of Moroccan Youth Climate Movement, Fadoua Brour, spoke about the importance of understanding climate challenges and taking action.

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