Construction begins at Calvados under Enbridge and EDF


If you follow news on renewable energy, you must have come across the 448MW calvados Offshore wind project popularly known as Courseulles. Calvados is under the ownership of EDF Renewables and Enbridge and hopes to start its operation in 2024. On 23rd February, the team announced the final investment decision. In a statement from Enbridge strategy and power, senior Matthew Akman expressed his excitement since the companies have reached their final investment decision. The construction of the third offshore wind farm formally begins.

Matthew also talked about Enbridge and how the company has worked hard for years to establish and become a worthy competitor in the European offshore wind market. Also, Enbridge has a record of multiple accomplishments in many projects in Europe. In the case of Enbridge’s move to renewables, Akman talked about this investment to help the energy transition to renewables. Besides, the company is under a low-risk investment approach.

The Calvados project will run from a location 10 to 18 km from the coast of Northwest France. This project marks the third offshore wind venture since Enbridge and EDF renewables formed a partnership. Some of the other plans include developing the 600MW Dunkirk offshore wind project and the southeast coast of the France-based 24MW Grand Large Offshore wind project.

Currently, Enbridge has a vast record of multiple investments in the renewable energy business. In total, it features over 5.1GW of renewable energy capacity that is now under its construction and operation. In addition to that, Enbridge has a record of 3.3GW gross power of renewable energy under various stages of development. If results are according to the plans of Enbridge and EDF Renewables, things will change. In the sense that the companies will earn a lot as a private sector delivering renewable energy, it will help the government provide green energy.

The Calvados offshore wind project is the third joint venture on renewable energy between Enbridge and EDF renewables. Why not, when it is no secret that the renewable energy sector is currently one of the most promising sectors to bet on your money. Why is that? Now, the planet is working out ways to deliver green energy that doesn’t pose a danger to life. And renewable energy sources are the top options since they are natural, readily available, and most importantly, renewables don’t pose any threat to the environment.

Many governments are working with a target to achieve green energy. However, it needs the assistance of the private sector to bring clean energy to different places. In other words, it is a collaboration of the public and private sectors for clean energy. Enbridge and EDF are stepping stones to increase the availability of renewable energy in Europe. The public hopes to watch the three projects run smoothly and with huge successes.

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