Penta Security to use blockchain to collect electric vehicles battery data


The planet is gradually moving to electric vehicles, a transition that was forecasted years ago. For the last over one decade, environment and climate experts have been urging people to clean the environment to prevent climatic fluctuations. And for years, many people seem to forget about this challenge. A few years back, the planet started experiencing the stressful scorching sun, dangerous rainfall, tragic storms and another extreme climate. These tragedies opened people’s eyes and encouraged us to venture into the clean energy journey. 2021 is the year of revolution as the planet works on the net-zero emission target.

Different companies, both public and private, form partnerships to co-invent technologies and products to assist in this much-needed transition. Penta Security, a Korean-based information security company, joins other companies to assist the planet in the journey to a cleaner planet. Recently, the company announced that they would launch a platform that uses blockchain to collect, store, and share EV batteries. Imagine a technology that allows you to monitor your car battery at all times. The thought is refreshing and gives people peace of mind as we go into another transport industry phase. The company has a strong presence in web applications and data security.

Electric vehicles batteries are the key to convincing people to invest in digital cars. They account for the highest manufacturing cost and are the main contributor to major concerns surrounding the electric vehicles industry. It is no secret that EV batteries are one of the most-heated discussion regarding electric vehicles. One of the reasons why people are abandoning fuel-powered cars is carbon emissions. And EV uses car batteries without CO2 emissions; however, they do not last long regarding the area they can travel at a given time. Batteries are manufactured from lithium, cobalt, and other minerals that require appropriate disposal strategies; otherwise will cause more harm than good.

Penta blockchain will assist in battery recycling, while Penta security solution focuses on batteries’ data collection to improve their efficiency. Besides not just the battery but electric vehicles as a whole. Originally, electric vehicles address environmental concerns, but they ought to focus on the product’s safety. Some people have safety concerns since some recent accidents are a result of malfunctions.

One of the battery issues that may arise is overcharging crisis, and Penta Security will look out for your battery’s abnormal behaviour and response. This platform will also record data on charging time, maintenance status and temperature. CTO, Penta Security Sangkyu Shim explained that Batteries are a major concern for customers, and the platform will allow customers to explore their batteries and the crucial features. With this tech, more people can invest in EV without any worry.

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