More Prospects for Renewable Energy in Missouri


Renewable energy is increasing its hold in the American market. According to reports, the industry is gradually setting itself as a significant part of the economy. The Ameren Corporation subsidiary, America Missouri, recently grounded a 300-megawatt (MW) renewable energy project slated in the North-western part of Missouri. This development stands as the best case of a renewed acquisition of its second wind energy center. The companies seek to continue their renewable energy prospect work for the project’s turbines.

The company also plans to implement clean, renewable energy for its consumer’s base by expanding its production scale from 50MW to 70MW by March. The company’s plants are currently capable of producing approximately 100 MW of power when in operation. The company expects the plan to come into operation later during the year with different expectations to increase its generation plants’ remaining 125-150 MW. Further developments reveal that the company has a scheduled opening date set for the Atchison Renewable Energy Center’s latest acquisitions in partnership with the Ameren Missouri’s to provide a 400 MW high-prairie renewable energy center. The project has a generative capacity capable of delivering an additional 700MW of power come December.

Speculation shows that the project’s cumulative investment totals nearly 1.1 billion dollars in all of these projects. According to Marty Lyons, the company’s Chairman and President, they take significant steps to turn itself into a renewable energy-focused company by integrating output from these two major facilities. He further states that the company is currently on a    long-term plan, trying to cleanse its carbon emissions deep, reducing it significantly to achieve its goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

These are a fraction of what the company has planned for its renewable energy venture. The new energy centres come as the first of Ameren Missouri’s multiple clean energy additions. Recent announcements from the corporation recently revealed releases slated proposals, including an anticipated Atchison and High Prairie Green Energy Centers. These ventures total close to $4.5 billion in additional capital required for a 3,100 MW power plant by 2030. Experts relate that the renewable energy market is on an upward shift. The recent ventures in renewables show a rising need for increased integration with the national grid, giving new ventures opportunities to soon reach the general public. These have a profound effect of encouraging investors on the viability of such investments with the hope of substantial returns.

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