Drivers boost in Electric Vehicles transition as Houston, BP, and Uber partners


Sylvester Turner, the newly appointed chair of Climate Mayors,  via an announcement on Monday, February 2nd 2021announced about an upcoming transport partnership. This strategic partnership is between the City of Houston, BP, and Uber. It deals with exploring the rapid electric vehicle charging hubs by BP to assist Uber drivers in transition to EVs.

This group will work together to identify the perfect locations in Houston for the distribution of charging hubs. They will focus on deploying a convenient and equitable network of all the public’s available charging stations. The pilot program’s primary focus will be to seek the best ways to bring electric vehicle charging stations to underserved communities. Not to mention, this plan will ensure the proportional distribution of resources and infrastructure.

Houston, BP, and Uber partnership program aim to support Evolve Houston’s goal of 30% adoption of EVs by 2030. Also, the project has everything to do with Houston City’s Climate Action Plan. It is also a support line in Uber’s plan for the zero-emission platform by 2040 in their 100% rides. This partnership’s main aim is to achieve a stable transport system without polluting the environment.

In the latest news, Houston City has a recent move to make itself the world’s energy transition Capital. Lara Cottingham, Houston Chief Sustainability, speaks about how vehicle electrification is the critical component to clean energy. From reliable experts, it is clear that transport electrification by 2050 can save at least 148 lives and prevent over 3,333 asthma attacks due to pollution. Not to mention, the city can save at least $1.7 billion annually.

Lara went ahead to explain how exciting the new project is and how, even in the middle of a pandemic, the climate actions are moving forward. Houston becomes the first state in North America to partner with BP and Uber for the EV transition. Previously this partnership application took place in London.

Uber’s director, Shin-Pei Tsay, talked about London’s analysis to create charging stations for neighborhoods. One of the challenges that the project expects to go through is the cost of EVs. Tsay explained how difficult it is for Uber drivers to make their first purchase of electric vehicles.

Uber aims to use over $800 million in resources to help its drivers to make the EV transition by 2025. One of the significant ways for Houston City to encourage the move to EV is to incentivize charging in the city communities. Lara speaks about Houston being a model for other cities to follow in the EV transition process.

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