A new satellite technology that is providing high-speed internet for Vermonters


The Covid-19 pandemic has left the world at a critical point. And for a while, many countries have been relying on remote operations. However, with the unstable internet connection, things are not convenient for all. Other than the economy and health issues the pandemic resulted in; it shed light on the outcome when Vermonters do not maintain a stable internet connection. It means students attending classes can’t achieve it, and workers struggle with the tight deadline, and in some cases, work is impossible. The state may have taken several measures to address the issue. But one of the most promising solutions has everything to do with Elon Musk’s Starlink. It is a satellite technology to improve internet connection under Musk’s company, SpaceX.

The good news is here since reliable sources claim that Vermonters are already testing. Tom Evslin claims that his house with a fantastic view has a tiny dish half-buried in snow. The set-up is a couple of feet from the ground and is his fresh internet service provider, Starlink. It is a network that includes low-orbit satellites. For a while now, SpaceX company has been promising the planet a world-class speed to remote areas where people are struggling with low internet.

Evslin went ahead to highlight his journey of Internet connection after moving to the area in 2004. He explained that Starlink was the best option since it is the first time that his home has a strong internet connection. Tom spoke about the beta testing and how he enlisted himself in the process. The dish arrived in late January this year, and the installation process is a walk in the park.

Each dish comes with an inbuilt motor that works on finding satellites in the sky. But the most challenging thing Evslin came about was about running a wire into his home. From his statement, he claims to see the difference when it comes to an internet connection. Currently, his internet speed runs between 60 Mbps and 200 Mbps which he terms as rocket fast. For the latency, it is low, resulting in good audio and video output.

However, Evslin was sure to point out some issues. For instance, his internet dip out several times. However, it seems to get itself back up after a while. The main reason for these issues is because Starlink is working on the bugs in their system. Starlink team calls it “better than nothing” beta since the technology still has problems.

The other issue includes the finances. Its current installation cost is $600 and an additional $100 monthly without a contract. Tom is aware that a few people in remote areas can afford the money. However, he encouraged people to invest in the product for reliable internet services. In response to cost issues, Vermont Department is negotiating with Starlink to make their services more affordable and reliable for all. The state director of connection, Purvis, spoke of the project and the state’s plan to help in the situation.


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