OneWeb is preparing to deploy two satellites in a terminal deal worth $73 million


Satellite company OneWeb has penned a deal that will generate $73 million for the company to run its operations. The company that they are planning to partner with is Intellian from South Korea. Intellian is a developer of satellites that it supplies for shipping companies, government entities, and military units.

The chief executive of Intellian Technologies, Eric Sung, stated that OneWeb would be translated into a satellite communications company offering affordable internet connectivity and advanced user technology to serve multiple markets. OneWeb was facing bankruptcy problems last year, but Bharti Global and the UK government intend to restart the program. The entity managed to rescue the company from its troubles with the help of the executive chairperson called Sunil Bharti Mittal.

The commercial launch that the company is planning will help to establish a 24-hour coverage of the region enshrined between 50°N latitude and the North Pole. The company is also expanding its operations to cover the whole globe by mid-next year with its 648 satellites that will be online by that time. The company’s latest deployment after surviving bankruptcy woes happened last year December. OneWeb launched its satellite using Arianespace, which deployed its mission from the Vostochny cosmodrome that is in proximity to the Chinese border.

The upcoming launch will also take place through the same platform on 25th March. This move came into action after the company realized that the Intellian receivers would not be ready for launch until later on next year. The developer of the utility stated that the subsidized compact terminals would be rolled out next year when the company can officially make its launch. Intellian became adamant about declaring the price for each terminal until the utilities are completed.

Sung explained that this would be a breakthrough for Intellian since the company has been conducting innovative operations to make connectivity efficient. Sung added that the partnership between Intellian and OneWeb would help them achieve their objective of establishing a globally linked communications system. The chief of system delivery at OneWeb, Michele Franci, stated that they have a clear vision that will ensure the company is translated to a leader in space communications technology.

The executive reiterated the company’s delight deal with Intellian to create more user terminals that fulfill the demands of their customers on different scales. Some of the customers that will be enthused by the new technology from OneWeb include maritime and government entities that have crucial missions requiring numerous launch terminals for different reasons. Other satellite services that OneWeb will be offering in the future include navigation, positioning, and timing utilities to meet the commercial demand of the consumers.

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