The Atlantic Council has called on the United States and its partners to take the lead in global space defense efforts


The Atlantic Council, which is an international security think tank, has issued a 100-page study urging the US and its partners to push for new universal standards for safe space operations. “It’s feeling a little tight in here. The Scowcroft Center of the Atlantic Council issued a study on April 12 that stated, “With over seventy nations operating national space programs, international space governance is primed for a rebuild.”

The study makes recommendations on how to keep space open and peaceful within the next 30 years. The writers argue that the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, which governs space, needs to be overhauled. According to the paper, a new treaty is needed to resolve the protection and economic realities of the space in the twenty-first century. The writers also propose forming an alliance to oppose Russian as well as Chinese anti-satellite missile research and deployments.

The Atlantic Council stated, “As private-sector spending stimulates a space commerce revolution, great power rivalry and counterspace technologies challenge freedom of access.” “To address these threats, the United States, its friends, and collaborators must collaborate on a plan to achieve their short-, medium-, as well as long-term goals in the space domain.”

While the future of space exploration remains unclear, “space would undoubtedly become much more critical for global stability and growth in the decades as well as centuries to come,” according to the paper. According to one of the writers, the United States’ plans to establish a space economy around the moon, James Cartwright, who is a retired Marine Corps general, would be jeopardized until all nations that work in space follow standards of conduct.

On a session on April 12, Cartwright stated, “We don’t want a wild west world.” “That is what we currently have. Today, there are no laws that can be enforced. We need to work out how to proceed. Alliances would be very important. Now is the time to find a place where we can work together.”

Space strategies appear to vary from one government to the next, but Cartwright believes that space protection needs a long-term strategy that transcends politics. “We ought to look at the whole picture, not just one government or one fiscal year at a time.” Another co-author, Deborah Lee James, who is a former Air Force Secretary, said that space is vital for Earth’s stability and defense and that short-term policy “isn’t going to cut it.” She agreed that a 30-year strategy was a good idea. “Something a little more long-term will cut through administrations and propel us forward,” James added.

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