Amazon unveils a mega renewable energy deal in the Netherlands


Amazon has outrightly declared its plan of procuring half of the energy coming from a new wind energy plant in the Netherlands. This offshore wind energy project is expected to be operational in the next two years, becoming Amazon’s first mega single-site renewable energy program. The farm will have a potential of 759MW, which will be integrated into the Netherlands’ power grid to meet the consumers’ demand. However, the project has no government subsidies opening new facets that the company must prepare for. Amazon will be procuring 380MW of electricity, which is approximately half the total potential and utilizes it to run its European activities.

The offshore wind energy plant is run by the Crosswind Consortium, a partnership entity between Shell and Eneco energy companies. The company explained that its partnership with Amazon enables them to scale up the innovation and develop energy production and storage technology through its spokesperson. Crosswind Consortium has currently developed various innovations that it intends to explore in the wind farm on a large scale. Some of the technologies in question include a floating solar park, temporary battery storage, optimized wind turbines, and hydrogen production by electrolysis.

Moreover, the project offers the opportunity to try this energy mix and strategies that will facilitate the emergence of a continuous power supply system slightly independent of the wind situation. Last year, Amazon was the leading buyer of mega renewable energy deals among the corporate entities. With the help of Global Optimism, the previous year had witnessed the company establish The Climate Pledge intended for achieving the Paris Agreement targets on climate change within the slated timeframe. Additionally, Amazon is the leading buyer of renewable energy with 187 solar and wind energy projects globally. These projects can produce more than 6.9 GW and supply over 20 million MWh of energy per annum.

The 187 projects are 62 wind and solar energy plants and 125 solar rooftops established in various centers worldwide. These utilities provide the energy that has put the company on the map as a renewable energy procurement leader. In Europe, there are 20 solar rooftops gracing Amazon’s centers and 16 wind and solar energy farms in countries like the United Kingdom, Sweden, Ireland, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy. Amazon also rolled out mega solar photovoltaic systems in its utilities in the UK. More projects will be emerging with the company hoping to inspire other bigwigs to venture into this technology to minimize greenhouse gas emissions from their operations.

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