The African Development Bank is looking for experts to consult it on Renewable Energy


As the involved parties think of Renewable energy interventions in the Sahel regions and West Africa, they find it necessary to seek an expert on the same. The consultation will be for the Desert to Power initiation. This initiative aims to deploy as many solar technologies as possible so that it accelerates the Sahel region’s economic development. For instance, it proposes that 160 million and 90 million people on-grid or off-grid, respectively, will get electricity from it. With the help of both the public and the private sectors, it also plans to create an additional energy capacity of around 10 GW.

The beneficiaries of this initiative comprise up to 11 countries. They include Sudan, Senegal, Nigeria, Niger, Mauritania, Mali, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Chad, and Burkina Faso. However, the first phase will only benefit the G5 Sahel counties. The pioneers will include Niger, Mauritania, Mali, Chad, and Burkina Faso.

The person to get the consultative job will be under the Manager of the Renewable Energy Division supervision. He or she will also have an array of tasks. For instance, the consultant will be the leader of the implementation of the SEFA Technical Assistance portfolio for mini-grids and utility-scale. It is already ongoing in West Africa and G5 Sahel, which means he will simply take over. Equally important, he will have to play a role in the other SEFA projects to come. Whether it is identifying, appraising, or implementing them, his job will offer the necessary support.

Their assistance will also be needed in managing the relationship with project stakeholders, engaging with national authorities, carrying out technical & financial due diligence, initial project screening, and concept development. The bottom line is assisting in the renewable energy pipeline identification and appraisal. Desert to Power Task Force will do various things, including reviewing technical reports, organizing consultation events, developing and implementing the roadmap. As the consultant, you should be at its disposal, offering any necessary support. The above tasks are not conclusive, which is one the candidate should expect other tasks assigned to them depending on real-time needs as long as they are relevant.

So, if you have the necessary skills, then the African Development Bank (AfDB) is looking for you. All that’s needed is an indication of interest as well as convincing it that you are up to the task. Experience is also necessary, especially if you have earned it while working in the Sahel region. Skills in energy sector projects, especially in implementing, identifying, and structuring them, are also requirements.

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