Women in Wind unveils winners of 2021


The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and the Global Women’s Network for the Energy Transition (GWNET) have unveiled the names of those participating in the third edition of the jointly organized women in Wind Global Leadership Program. The main aim of the program is to facilitate gender diversity in the whole wind section. Over 2000 people from different nations, sectors, and disciplines in the wind industry have voted for those taking part in the edition.

GWEC and GWNET have picked 15 participants for one different state to participate in the annual program. The main aim of the program is to provide skills, educate and impart knowledge into the careers of the participant. Those taking part in the Women Global Leadership Program 20201 come from states like India, Mexico, South Africa, Peru, Colombia, Spain, Turkey, Kenya, and Russia.

Joyce Lee, the head of GWEC policy and projects, said in a statement that women’s abilities have to double as the wind industry takes a new shape in the current markets. As a result, their skills will help shape an ever-evolving and competitive workforce that will enhance innovation at the same time increasing energy transition.

The wind sector is still led by men; however, with the ever-growing interest from various companies and individuals, the idea of fusing women into wind program leadership has melted the hearts of many. The acceptance of women into the competition and wind industry clearly shows diversity in support and a brighter future ahead.

This year the numbers of women participants had doubled as compared to 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic had reduced the efforts in facilitating gender equality. The profiles of those taking part in the program appear to be impressive, and that is a sign to show that women across the world want to transition the planet into a better place.

Having 15 new participants as women, the organizations anticipate empowering women and having the back of their careers. As a result, leadership in the wind sector will take a new view. Being part of the Women in Wind is a great chance to create strong connections with professionals in the sector, share different experiences as women participants in the wind sector, learn various skills, and developing a network that will, in turn, boost women’s careers in the sector. Participating in the sector will bury the notion of ‘men only lead’ and bridge those gaps with women who also have learned skills, and both will help in the growth of the wind sector.


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