Minesto and Schneider Electric will be collaborating to commercialize marine energy


The partnership between Minesto and Schneider Electric will be focusing on the commercial unleashing of marine energy to facilitate the switch to emission-free energy production techniques in society. The energy systems will involve the deployment of renewable energy methods where it is appropriate. To demonstrate the potential of ocean energy to customers, Minesto and Schneider Electric will be offering the energy to mega electricity consumers like factories and organizations. This technique will incorporate Schneider Electric’s technology and products with the Minesto tidal and ocean current energy technology to ensure that this energy system meets the demand of these mega utilities.

Various projects infusing microgrid installations and huge megawatt farms will be discovered, examined, and developed to supply the energy to the customers. The partnership will exploit the technical systems from both sides, integrate their project management capabilities, and obtain financial support to ensure it becomes a success. The chief executive of Minesto, Dr Martin Edlund, stated that they are excited to partner with Schneider Electric which has demonstrated an understanding of the energy transitions and digital changes. He added that this company would allow them to unleash their Deep Green technology on a commercial scale. Moreover, Schneider Electric has global links, technological expertise, and influence over renewable energy production, which they intend to benchmark and deploy in their dealings. This move will enable the company to procure more customers and investors for the renewable energy projects that they want to set up.

Edlund enumerated that this partnership will teach them how to contract with megacompanies and make informed decisions about the opportunities and competitive advantages that they possess in renewable energy technologies. Additionally, the company can start exploring sustainable energy systems that will be sourcing electricity from the ocean in various techniques.

The Power and Grid Segment President at Schneider Electric, Gary Lawrence, stated that they expect to learn new things from their association with Minesto. He added that the primary purpose of the partnership is to advance ocean energy to reach the global renewable energy mix and to integrate renewables with the renewable energy baseload. Schneider Electric hopes to benefit from the exploration of marine energy by establishing advanced technology to serve the global market. Additionally, the project will seek to sequester energy production that has negative environmental effects while making the alternative affordable by the customers. Hopefully, this collaboration can offer the energy sector alternative energy options that take advantage of the natural resources and phenomena in various countries.


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