Vitesco Technologies has procured an 800-volt SiC-technology in electric vehicles


The global supplier of modern drive technologies and electrification systems, Vitesco Technologies, has procured an order requiring it to sell the newly invented high voltage equipment. The company will be delivering an 800-volt inverter-developed silicon carbide technology in commercial quantities on behalf of the new electric vehicle portfolio of the Hyundai Motor Group.

This venture illustrates that Vitesco Technologies has the necessary technology that meets the electric vehicle developers’ demands. Additionally, the company is participating in the development of electric vehicles with efficient and advanced technology to substitute the conventional emissive cars. The Vice President overseeing Electrification Technology at Vitesco Technologies, Thomas Stierle, stated that most of the models in the market utilize half the voltage that they will be offering. The few models that have this kind of battery are either premium electric vehicles or sports cars.

The latest E-GMP electric car framework from the Hyundai Motor Group is what is infusing this 800-volt architecture. This architecture comes with various advantages, including reduced time for recharging the car. The engineers explained that the models with this technology could charge up to 80% in not more than 20 minutes from the lowest battery capacity. Additionally, the battery generates high power output to run the car system efficiently and to sustain the electric drive through the journey being made. The company will be partnering with automakers to ensure that the technology fits in other electric models to develop over eleven models with this architecture, hopefully.

The semiconductors fixed in this design have silicon carbide to ensure that the system minimizes the resistance to power flow. The engineers explained that the technology helps make the best of high-voltage and ensure that none of it goes to waste. The Hyundai Motor Group will be establishing a maximum of 23 models before the first half of this decade, with 11 battery-electric vehicles hosting the 800-volt technology. The company explained that the first model on the E-GMP platform that has typical components that are sustaining this technology is the Ioniq 5 electric SUV.

Vitesco Technologies has enumerated how it intends to rollout this technology to facilitate the electrification of cars to transition to energy-efficient systems. The company is pushing for the establishment and optimization of the primary components of the electric vehicle. The engineers are making the technology compatible with electric vehicle systems for the automakers interested in this technology. Hopefully, the companies that see this technology’s essence will subscribe to it to expose their customers to this helpful technology.

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