BlackSky intends to work with Rocket Lab to deploy eight satellites this year


BlackSky, which deals with Earth observation and geospatial data, revealed on Thursday that it had penned a contract with Rocket Lab to deploy eighth satellites before the end of this year. BlackSky has been partnering with Rocket Lab for the last two years. The latest mission between the two involved a BlackSky satellite heading to its orbit via a Rocket Lab Electron vehicle in a rideshare mission from New Zealand.

The company will now have fourteen satellites that are operationally provided the eight satellites make successful launches. The chief executive of BlackSky, Brian O’Toole, revealed that the company had planned to unveil these satellites next year. However, it changed plans to accelerate the service delivery of these resources. He added that they decided to integrate the two companies’ operations to speed up space technology exploration.

The company will now be deploying Gen 2 satellites while examining the plausible way of advancing satellites’ next generation. The new technology will have high-resolution, short-wave infrared for low light and nighttime imaging potential. The executive added that this vision is achievable with a constellation of 30 satellites that they would be operating by then. Rocket Lab managed to deploy BlackSky 7 satellite this month. O’Toole explained that this satellite would be operational within one day and start gathering high-resolution images of the Earth. The company will be incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning language to examine pictures and related data.

Most of the missions undertaken by BlackSky are with the help of Spaceflight. The company’s satellites are developed by its sibling called LeoStella. The company’s executive explained that it would not be fixed to Rocket Lab alone but is open to other launch service providers. This concept would be plausible if the company forecasts the cost of launching its satellites and finds that its dealing gives a better deal.

BlackSky enumerated that it would be going public through a merger with a special purpose acquisition company known as Osprey Technology Acquisition Corp. The company’s spokesperson stated that the deal would become realistic mid this year when the company would officially start to publicly trade its shares on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol “BKSY.” The acquisition will help the company receive enough capital to finance its missions and expand its facilities to do more business. Hopefully, the company can achieve its vision of a constellation of satellites offering Earth-imaging and communications to even the remote areas.

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