SpaceX’s Starlink satellite Internet in talks with the UK government for the $6.9 billion internet project


SpaceX is one of the most successful space companies of all time, with multiple successful launches and innovations. One of their most famous SpaceX projects is the Starlink Internet Project to deliver a stable internet connection globally. It is an over a decade project currently in the beta testing stage to prove its competence to the people. From a recent report, SpaceX’s CEO, Elon Musk, is holding talks with the UK intending for the country to fund the Starlink project in the government’s $6.9 internet program.

Matt Warman, the United Kingdom Digital Infrastructure’s minister, held a meeting with top leaders of Starlink for this matter. This information is from a reliable source familiar with the talks and CNBC stating that the discussions are ongoing and other communications technology companies are interested in the Project Gigabit by the UK government.

Sky News was the first to report these discussions stating that Oliver Dowden, the UK Culture Secretary believes that Starlink is a good option that will deliver internet services in remote areas across the nation. When CNBC requested SpaceX and the UK Government to comment on the issue, SpaceX is yet to respond to the matter, and the UK government declined the request.

Suppose you often keep an eye on the space industry sector. In that case, you must have come across the popular Starlink project under SpaceX since it has resulted in several discussions with masses giving opinions on their target. It is an interconnected satellite internet network with a constellation of satellites whose key role is to deliver high-speed internet connections in all parts of the world. Currently, the company has over 1300 satellites in low-earth orbit. Besides, in October, the company started the beta testing phase to give the public a feel of what Starlink can do and get reviews on improving their network.

The beta test program currently extends to the US, Germany, New Zealand, the UK, and Canada with an initial $499 but a monthly fee of $99. Recently, the UK government launched Project Gigabit, which has a budget of $6.9 billion and aims at upgrading the internet connection in over a million businesses and homes. The first launch will focus on gathering proposals from various companies specializing in different internet delivery methods, including satellite internet.

Project Gigabit marks SpaceX’s potential to have a new government subsidy win for the satellite internet project since it features $900 million funding from the Federal Communications Commission’s last year. FCC awarded SpaceX with the fourth most funds met by protest from other internet companies, but the allegations were termed baseless. SpaceX continues to expand the Starlink project, and in January, the company signed a collaborative agreement with NASA to avoid space collisions.

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