SpaceX Shares a Video Showing the Live Footage of the Starship SN8 Test Launch


On December 23rd, SpaceX released a video showing the test launch of Starship SN8. This test was carried out on December 9. It was the first high-altitude test flight to be launched by SpaceX. The Rocket took off to the air from the company’s facility near South Texas. The Starship took off the ground in Boca Chica, South Texas, and accelerated upwards to reach an altitude of about 12.5 kilometers. The launch used all of the three raptor engines. Once the Rocket reached its climax, the engines shut down, turned, and maneuvered downwards, to glide systematically to a landing spot near the takeoff site. This descent resembled a skydiving experience.

In an attempt to land in an upright manner like the Falcon 9, Starship SN8 turned on its engines. This sudden flip from inverted to upright position led to pressure build-up on the fuel tank header. The Rocket launched extremely fast due to this pressure, causing it to crash and explode into bits. The SN8 wreckage may be saved for remembrance, according to Elon Musk, SpaceX founder and CEO.

SpaceX cameras recorded the landing moment clearly, including the explosion, which erupted into a ball. Despite the crash and destruction of the Starship, the company was delighted about the test launch and termed it a success. They said that this mission proved the Starship’s ability to launch on the new raptor engines without a doubt. It also showed that the Rocket is capable of gliding itself back to earth onto a landing spot.

SpaceX reiterated that the SN8 displayed an extraordinary controlled aerodynamic descent and a landing flip maneuver. “Together these will enable landing where no runways exist including the moon, Mars and beyond,” stated SpaceX in the video. The company is getting ready to launch another Starship prototype, the SN9 Rocket. SpaceX is working closely with NASA to be part of the lunar mission under NASA’s Artemis program. This trip to the moon is scheduled for 2024.

The SN9 will be a little complex than SN8 in that; it will have two parts; the spacecraft and a reusable booster known as Super Heavy. The space vehicle will suit deep-space missions such as moon landing and the trip to Mars. Through his Twitter account, Musk announced that after the SN8 test launch, SN9 is up next. He commented that ‘SN8 did great’. He also described the Starship’s ability to control all the way to putting the crater in the right spot as ‘epic.’

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